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Family Flowers is Different. We are Not an Order Gatherer.

Order gatherers are usually fake florists who pretend to have local stores in an area when they actually do not. Sometimes, they even use the names of real flower shops in their advertising in an attempt to deceive a customer and get an order.

Family Flowers is different.

We are a real, fourth-generation family-owned florist company with 25+ locations in 10 states. The primary purpose of Family Flowers is for our customers to be able to order from any of our locations conveniently from one website. However, Family Flowers also receives national orders for areas where we don’t have a family-owned location. We take great care to send these orders to our premier florist friends and partners all around the country.

Just a few reasons why we are different

-Family Flowers will never use the name of a local florist when advertising.
-Family Flowers will never pretend to have a local store in a place where we do not have one.
-Family Flowers does not charge any service fee. The order amount, less the standard commission, is received by the fulfilling florist.

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Family Flowers only wires out Designer's Choice arrangements with themes instead of specific arrangements to benefit both customers and florists. Instead of disappointing a customer by showing an arrangement that the fulfilling florist will not be able to make due to product availability, we let your creative designers follow a theme such as “traditional design" or "rose arrangement" that you create. This makes it both easier on the florist and better for the customer to receive a unique and beautiful design that is unique and not "cookie cutter”.